Thursday, August 6, 2015

HDTVs : How Big is Too Big?

With nearly every size imaginable being produced by HDTV manufacturers, it can hard to decide just what size TV to get.  40, 42, 45, 48, 49 inches?  The first thing to realize is that screens are measured diagonally, and don't usually include the bezel (that piece of plastic on the outside of the screen).  Bezel sizes can range from 2 inches down to barely anything at all.  Look for the overall dimensions of the TV to make sure that it will fit in any cabinets you have in mind.  Since newer HDTVs are so much thinner than their older tube cousins, wall mounting is an attractive option.  Try to keep the middle of the TV in line with your eyes to get the best viewing experience.  As for the size of the screen, below is a guide based on viewing distance.  Too close to an HDTV and you might be distracted by the actual pixels that make up the screen.  If you sit too far away though, you're probably not experiencing all that HDTV awesomeness!

Screen Viewing distance range
32"         4.0-6.7 feet
37"         4.6-7.7 feet
40"         5.0-8.3 feet
46"         5.7-9.5 feet
50"         6.3-10.4 feet
55"         6.9-11.5 feet
60"         7.5-12.5 feet
65"         8.1-13.5 feet
70"         8.75-14.6 feet
75"         9.4-15.6 feet
80"         10.0-16.7 feet
84"         10.5-17.5 feet                     

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