Thursday, May 21, 2015


So as you know Sony makes almost EVERYTHING. Ok, that may be an exaggeration but, they do make a lot of things and they are pretty cool things at that. Sony is best known for TVs, speaker systems, headphones and the infamous Play Station video game console, but today I found something new (at least to me) and very innovative. While working I came across a Sony DSC-QX10. I know your probably like what the heck is that because who REALLY knows things by the model number? Well, its the new age of camera technology. So lets have a flashback moment to when you were carrying your big camera bag with a million and one different accessories in it for your camera and lets not forget the time you accidentally left it at your kids sports game or event and raced back like a mad man hoping it was still their or that a trustworthy person picked it up. If you don't have kids just recall a time that you found yourself hassling with your camera bag. This cell phone attachable, camera is the bees knees of today, and you can avoid ALLLLL those other issues with this one tiny little camera. 

The features will blow your mind, as they did mine. The camera is about 2in tall, 2in wide and weighs about 10oz. You simply sync it to your phone, download the "Sony Play memories" application (available in App Store & Google Play Store), WHALAAAAA. You have a point and shoot digital camera in the palm of your hand ready to go, with a 10x optical zoom this camera is perfect for any event. On the rear side of the camera there are small retractable (and removable) arms that allow the camera to hug around your mobile device for photographs and videos you wouldn't believe. Not getting the right angle or shot you want? Detach the camera and simply hold it in your hand to get any type of angle you want, the camera can also hosts a tripod or selfie stick (i know you now what that is) on the bottom like a normal camera would. You can do all this while using your cell phone as the camera screen, whatever the camera sees through the lens you see in your hand through your phone. While your snapping all of these awesome photos, they are saving right to your phone as well as the micro sd (not included) and in less than a minute your great photography can be uploaded to all your favorite social media sites. Needless to say this thing is awesome and very convenient. We have one for sale here , with an in depth look at the specs. BUT BEFORE YOU GO......check out a few photos I snapped using the camera BELOW.

- Ky Clarno